Faelan, an Archangel cast from the heavens cursed to walk alone for eternity found himself not only sitting on the council for the Risen but he is also a Watcher. He likes his secluded post up on Bridger Mountain watching over the small town of Kohler, Montana. With Kohler being one of the smallest towns on earth the only worries Faelan has are protecting the town from the occasional rogue supernatural and any demons that may claw their way to surface. That was until he aided an injured Aelis.

Aelis has been in hiding for over five decades in the Physical Realm Earth. The only Supernaturals she can’t mask her true self from is her own kind, demons, the same demons that are hunting her down for killing her brother. While on the run Aelis is injured on Bridger Mountain where her devilish Succubus world gets turned upside down.

Horns over Halo in love, Faelan and Aelis not only worry about the Risen discovering Aelis is a demon, but the Archangels have been sent forth to put an end to their blasphemous love. With many forms of Supernaturals and Immortals roaming around in the five realms, it is proven to be difficult to distinguish who is friend or foe. However, who would have thought that rapture between a Demon and an Angel would taste so damn sweet?

The Risen Series