I'm super excited to announce the release of Out of the Ashes. Book 1 in the exciting new series, The Risen!

 So mark your calendars for February, 16th. You won't want to miss out on the introduction of several new and exciting characters!




Valentines 2017


  Once again I find myself redoing my website, which is fine because each time I redo it I find it to be better than the last. Some of you may be wondering why I’m re-releasing my first three books. Well to make a long story short my former publisher shut their doors indefinitely just a couple months after Lover of Man was released.
  I did my research and debated if I wanted to go with another publisher or self-publish. After much thought and advice from other authors, I decided to go to with a publishing house. Since Lover of Man was out for just a couple short months I wanted to get it back on the shelf. As for my Immortal series, Immortal Love and Immortal Souls they too will be back with a few changes that I’m making so the novels flow better.  With that said Lover of Man will release in a few short days, July 8th through my new publisher, I heart books publishing. 

  For those of you that have read my books that were previously published with my old publisher and you’re looking for my newest work, don’t you worry; I am working on a whole new series that you will love. So stay tuned for the next hottest paranormal reads.


  So as you can see with the gap in the dates, blogging is not one of my strong suites, however I have decided that I will do my very best to at least blog about something once a month. There may be no rhythm or reason, it may be facts or opinions…it may be heartfelt, hateful, lustful, sinful or heartbreaking. With that said check back often cause who the hell knows what might fall out my mouth on any given day, it greatly depends on my mood :)

   The most common question an Author is asked, “What inspires you to write your novels?”  As with all artists, inspiration comes in many forms and an Author it’s no different. For me personally… my Muse, she can get rather creative with music, art, a place, a witty line that I heard, the way my lover moves doing the simplest of acts and just sitting silently watching and listening to the world around me.
   With that said, I would like to share with you how one of my novels came about. A few years ago I was surfing the web, doing research for another manuscript. After a few clicks here and closed tabs there I stumbled upon a picture and BAM! Philena, Princess of the Bram Clan in Renshaw Forest was born.

This single image gave life to Lover of Man.



 Love, lust, passion and romance...I Heart Book Publishing has all your love story needs covered for the month of February!

I’m excited to announce the release of Lover of Man will be July 8th.


Excerpt from Lover of Man:

To further remind Cain of what my position was in this clan, I stepped in front of him as he was about to give his final departing words before leaving the safety of Renshaw. Mirroring our great Baron I folded my hands behind my back raised my head proudly and addressed my people.

“This day we leave on a journey that will change the lives of five members of the Bram Clan for years to come. The gods have chosen us to be the mighty ravens of Bram. However, for the gods to choose any of us to meld with a mortal warrior and become a Raven Warrior is the highest of honors. When we step out of Renshaw Forest and we take our raven form we will fly with pride…”

I raised my arms to the vast sky above, taking in all the air I could hold so all of Renshaw Forest could hear my words. With pride, dignity, and respect for my fellow clansmen I shouted, “For we represent the fearless Bram Clan. We represent Renshaw Forest. We represent the Great Baron of Bram! We, my fellow Ravens, represent the Mighty god Odin!”

My clan erupted in cheers and sounds of the raven rang out in the forest, Father walked up to me. I had never seen such pride and glory in his eyes.
“You, my youngest daughter, are going to be a great leader someday. I could not have given a better speech.”

Embracing me he kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear, “Philena, as Baron I am demanding you be mindful of your duties and preform them without flaw…”

He let out a low, somber breath.

“As your Father, I need to warn you that sometimes our duties can change at any given moment. So listen to my words carefully…at times the right thing to do does not always come from the mind in our heads, for our hearts have a mind of their own. If you start to feel chaos just remember to trust the path Odin has set out before you.”

With the many questions he had brought to the forefront of my mind, I wanted to respond. But he said his farewells and ordered us to make our way to the glen.

I marched ahead of the females and the Raven Warriors, just like any leader would do, with my father’s last words tumbling around in my mind as if they were like pieces of broken rocks. Trying to grasp onto what he said, Cain stepped up beside me and nipped at my shoulder in a flirtatious manner.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this sudden change in you, Philena. I think we need to talk.”