Welcome to the lovely, sexy, twisted, erotic world of B.A Knight where anything is possible and everything goes. B.A Knight has it all from romance, to all your favorite paranormal reads like: shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels and your everyday mortal. She will make you laugh, cry and downright feel naughty. So step inside B.A Knight’s world where you’ll discover what rocks your pleasurable soul. 


While never a New York Times best seller, make no mistake I am no less proud of my work and what it conveys. My writing is my attempt to leave the norm behind. I want the reader to be able to immerse themselves into the story as an adult with adult wants, needs, and desires. Complete with lust, love and the issues that personal choices may bring about. I hope  that my books will inspire the reader to look deep into their heart and soul, and question what society considers to be right and wrong. Choose for yourself what makes you happy, and don’t let race, sexuality or religion keep you from finding your ‘Happily ever After’.